Check, cancel and forward calls using a unique code


Mobile phone’s basic works is to connect you to a person through call/sms and internet. In call menu, lot of tips and tricks mentioned on internet and YouTube, in which many tips are just fake but lot of tricks really works. Here we will discuss about a very best and amazing trick, you can use this trick according to your need and can check your sim call forwarding, changed by other person secretly. Here are some codes are mentioned which you have to use in mobile phone to check the necessary information about the call.

To check the call forwarding status:

By dialing this code in mobile phone, you will get all information about any information, forwarding by your cell phone to another cell phone.

To cancel the forwarding of call from cell phone:
##21# or ##002#

By dialing this code, your call forwarding will cancel from your cell phone; you can use this code, if you feel that someone spying your calls.

To forward the call to your second cell phone:

If you want to forward your call to your second cell phone, in case if emergency, you can use this code to forward your sim number call to another sim number.


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