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explore new spaces

Google becomes the life part of everybody now. Every mobile user know about the Google services and its products, which making the life easy.

Every person knows and uses Google maps in mobile phone and other devices, but you will enjoy a new feature using the Google maps, by searching any specific place near you. We have explored information related to this feature below. This will really help you to use this unique feature of Google map.

How to search a place near you:

Using Google maps, you can search any place near you by just searching your desired place in search bar.

  • If you want to search near by shopping center, just turn on your GPS in mobile phone first
  • Now by shopping center in Google map’s search bar
  • It will show all the shopping centers in your home town near you
  • You can tap at the closest shopping mall at mobile screen

How to order online (conditional):

While tapping at your desired shopping mall or any place your search on map, it will show two options.

  1. You can direct call to that center or shopping mall which you search. The owner of that place always save their phone numbers at Google maps for customer’s convenient, which you can get directly by searching on Google maps.
  2. It you are driving, you can get direction to reach that place in very easy way. It show directions just like that, you search to visit any place, you did not need to search a place separately, it will show in one window for everything.

How to Apply

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