Float any app to use on screen while doing any things on mobile


There are many apps used by us in mobile phone, daily huge amount of apps designed and launched in play store for us. New generation is fluent in multitasking; they always busy in mobile phone and split the screen to make multitasking. There are many apps available in play store for multitasking; here we will discuss such type of an app, which will help you in multitasking.

“Float any app”

How this app works for multitasking:

Using this app, you can create a watermark type icon on mobile screen while doing anything on mobile, when you will touch this app icon, your float app will open instantly. You can enjoy many apps as a floating icon to open instantly while using some another app.

How to download and use this app:

Download link of this app mentioned below

After installing this app in your mobile phone, you have to open the app, and you will see a list of apps installed in your device, you can choose any application to use as a float app on screen.


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