Google Launch an App to Capture & Search


Google is the powerful search engine in the world. Google always launch and update different types of features in its products. Play store in android phones also powered by Google, in which lot of apps updated for consumers every day.

A new app launched by Google, which will fluently help to all the mobile uses, this app has hub of features from other apps. You just need to capture the object and all the information related to object would display under just one second.

“Google Goggles”

Features of this app:

This app includes lot of features in which just famous and useful features will discussed here, which can be helpful for you in just one click.

  • You can get information about anything having a bar code by scanning
  • It can recognize famous land marks
  • It can translate the foreign languages by scanning
  • You can scan a picture to get its information
  • It can recognize books, paintings, DVDs, and CDs and 2D pictures

How to download and use this app:

You can download this app by link given below

You just need to open the app, scan the product or any things which’s information you want and tap at search button, it will open the Google app and provides you all information related to captured object automatically.


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