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dubai job
dubai job

Companies in Dubai always work for highest standards of development to compete the developed countries in the work, for that purpose, they always look around the world for excellent experts related to job criteria. These companies’ offers job to all over the world and seek for experts. Here we discussed about a job which offered by a well known company, which is looking for an expert for their firm. All the eligibility criteria in regards to this job are mentioned below. The persons having relevant experience and eligibility can apply for this job.


It’s a reputed and well recognized firm in Dubai formatted in 2015, and working under development of Dubai in a excellent way.
Road and Transport authority (RTA), Dubai, UAE

Job title:

UAE National – Corporate Planning-Manager


Nationality is not specified in regards to this job, the person’s having any nationality could apply for this job, eligibility criteria is mentioned below.

Age restriction:

No age restriction is mentioned in job ad, an experienced person can apply for this job having any age part.


How to Apply

Apply online is necessary for every job. if you want to apply than apply here

Following qualification is required by candidate.
The candidate is required as bachelor in business administration or management from a recognized company


7 years experience is required in relevant field by company.


Followings are the requirement which an applying candidate must have.

  • High analytical thinking as per job field
  • Computer-literacy in a efficient way, in which lot of software’s fluency will be required during job
  • An excellent communicator person is required to such type of job
  • A trusting relationship and good communication as a team work required
  • The person should be a excellent team player to lead a team
  • The person should be innovative in problem-solving matters
  • The person should be very expert in organizational skill along with high degree of detail orientation
  • Goal achievements should be in the skill of applying person in regards to this job

Job description:

Followings are the job description mentioned below.

  • Development strategy and planning by setting the goals
  • All the external and internal activities in which Governmental and non-governmental issues resolving capability is required
  • Need to identify, build and develop strategic partnership with stakeholders
  • Need to lead and develop highest level of business initiatives and advices in management
  • Need to manage all the required formalities related to authoritative personalities and make better decisions in high pressure

Salary package:

Not specified

Required documents:

  • All educational documents which required in regards to this job
  • All experience letters are required of applying personality
  • Other all common documents are required such as passport/CNIC etc

Who can apply?

Not specified, but such types of job are always offered to male only.

How a Pakistani person’s can apply:

Having all the requirements are other relevant experiences in regards to this highest level of job, you can click at “Apply” button and the next page will help you to apply for this job.

Job source:

Post date:

This job is posted at October 1st 2019

Last date to apply:

No last date is mentioned in job ad, the interested person can apply asap.


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