How to get top speed of Wi-Fi connected with many devices


The use of Wi-Fi is so common, every person using the Wi-Fi routers to use the fast and convenient way internet. Using the Wi-Fi router, you did need to connect your mobile phone or any other device with device using the wire, just putting the router code you can connect many devices with Wi-Fi router.

There is a big problem tracked by people that, if many devices connected with router, Wi-Fi speed become slow, so how we can increase the Wi-Fi speed while many device already connected with device. Here we will mention the method through which you can increase your Wi-Fi speed from others without any app.

Process to change internal settings to improve Wi-Fi settings:

  1. Go to settings and tap at Wi-Fi to open all Wi-Fi networks
  2. Now long press at Wi-Fi device at which you connected
  3. You will see two options first, forget network and second modify network
  4. Chose modify network and you will see some additional settings
  5. Tap at advance settings option in bottom and choose IP address
  6. In IP address settings choose static option instead of DHCP and scroll down
  7. you will see DNS 1 and DNS 2 code area
  8. put ( in DNS 1 code
  9. and put ( DNS 2 code and save it

Don’t touch any other settings from this additional settings. You will get top speed from other persons, connected with same Wi-Fi router.


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