Now 49 countries can apply for Saudi Tourist visa

saudi visa
saudi visa

Saudi Arabia is the hub trade and also known as the leader of Muslim countries, now Saudi Arabia has announce a good news to 49 countries in form of tourist visa, YES, if you are citizen of in any of below mentioned 49 counties you can apply for tourist visa to Saudi Arabia. Now the people can explore the glory of Saudi Arabia by easily by applying for tourist visa.

What is the eligibility criteria they need, what benefits you have in this visa, what you cannot do having visit visa and other such type of all information related to this visa mentioned below in proper manners below.

Eligibility criteria:

The eligibility criterion is very simple as follows:

  • Everyone is eligible for this job if he is not the official citizen of Saudi Arabia.
  • Saudi Arabia announced this visit visa to 49 countries, so having the nationality from these 49 countries, you are eligible to apply for this tourist visa.

49 countries for which tourist visa is applicable:

Andorra//Australia//Austria//Belgium//Brunei//Bulgaria//Canda//China//Croatia Cyprus//Czech Republic//Denmark//Estonia//Finland//France//Germany//Greece Holland//Hong Kong//Hungary//Iceland//Ireland//Italy//Japan//Kazakhstan Latvia//Liechtenstein//Lithuania//Luxembourg//Macao//Malaysia//Mata Monaco//Montenegro//New Zealand//Norway//Poland//Portugal//Romania Russia//San Marino//Singapore//Slovakia//Slovenia//South Korea//Spain Sweden//Switzerland//Taiwan//Ukraine//United Kingdom//USA

What benefits you can enjoy:

Here are some benefits are mentioned which you can avail during tourist visa.

  • Validity: It’s a multiple entry visa valid for one year, but in one go you can stay for 90 days only.
  • Umrah: You can perform the Umrah during this tourist visa.
  • On Arrival: You can get your tourist visa on arrival by credit card payment.
  • Religion matter: There is no religion matter for any non-Muslim during tourist visa.
  • Women travelling issue: The women can visit any place in Saudi Arabia During tourist visa alone.

About restrictions:

Here are some restriction are mentioned which you every tourist should know.

How to Apply

Apply online is necessary for every job. if you want to apply than apply here
  • Non Muslim cannot enter into Makkah.
  • You can perform Umrah but cannot Hajj in tourist visa.
  • Man and women both have to follow Arabic tradition during tourism
  • You cannot job during tourist via

Required documents:

  • A valid passport will be required for tourist visa application
  • A Valid CNIC card with no expiry date for next 6 months
  • Bank statements
  • Proof you employment
  • Hotel booking required
  • Return tickets have to show

Visa fee:

Here is some information regarding this visa fee.

  • The Saudi tourist visa fee is as SR 200
  • Insurance fee is as SR 140
  • VAT 5% as SR 220
  • Transition fee is as SR 8.44
  • Total will be as SR 463.00

How to apply for tourist visa:

Here are some lines are mentioned which can help you to get tourist visa.

  • Saudi Arabia has make these things only easy to apply, you can apply online by visiting Apply Online
  • after reaching this website you need to fill the form in which you have to put all the information regarding this visa
  • the important thing is to select that, you are applying as a single person or family, after selecting this, you have to fill the form


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