Now speak and write any language in mobile phone (especially Urdu)


World is too fast now, people need fluency in every field due to availability of computer technology in IT field. IT technology has changed to whole working process in whole world, especially in mobile phones. Typing in mobile phone become the old fashion, now latest and more advanced softwares developed up through which you need to speak and mobile phone will write it on a note pad. Such type of an app we will discuss here through which you will speak in Urdu and mobile phone writes it automatically in very correct form.

“speechnotes App”

How this app works:

You just need to speak in Urdu language and it will show in app notepad, you did not need to type a single word of Urdu having this great app.

You can select any language from language menu, after completing the speech, you can use it to send anyone by using the share button.

How to download and use:

Download link of this app mentioned below

Just install this app in your mobile phone and you will see an “EN” button on top, tap this button and select the Urdu language or any language.

After selecting the language, you will see a red button on screen bottom, just tap this button and start to speak; it will start to write automatically your spoken words in notepad. After completing you can use to for any social app. (internet required)


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