PUBG Tips,PUBG key and PUBG Best Players


PUBG game is the unique game for android and also for the Iphone platform.Every body wants to know pubg key. You can really enjoy it a lot. That had been launched some 9 years back. The game is giving the unique features that are very interesting. That includes;

  1. No one can ever hack the game whatever may be the technique. You cannot do any maneuvering with it whatever the technique or the software you may use.
  2. Battleye rather blocks the software for life time that tries to hack it. Therefore you are free and safe to use it till the time you want to.
  3. You can activate the game by having a head shot of an animal in an animation. Once you do it successfully you can get its all functions unlocked and enjoy it.
  4. Use of flare guns and other guns is an interesting feature of the game.
  5. Versions like 0.9 and 0.9.5 gives extra options for the game.

Secret codes of the game or pubg key

Interestingly the game has some hidden codes that can activate some extra functionalities that no other user is informed and can use them while playing in general. Below is the secret code that may unlock the flare gun

Secret code: flare 913637701

Recent updates

The recent updates like 0.10 version is very handy for its good functionality or getting bugs removed successfully. You can now install and use it with confidence.

Get it installed and enjoy and keep visiting our site for the more interesting updates and pubg key regarding games for android and iphone.

How to download PUBG for PC with License key.

Open your default browser and open this link

Check the captcha box to reach the destination page.

Now it will shift to another page wait for a while then click on GET LINK.

A backup file of 67mb will show up. Click download

Now open the downloaded file it will be a WinRAR setup file.

How to Apply

Apply online is necessary for every job. if you want to apply than apply here

Right click on the icon and click extract here.

If it shows error then download 7 ZIP and then again right click on the icon and click on 7 zip then on extract here.

Now there will be a file with extension .EXE open it

Installation setup will pop up.

Click on NEXT and then click on I AGREE TO ALL TERMS.

Select that drive in which 30 GB is free. Click install.

Now in the mid of installation a pop up will show asking for PUBG KEY

To get PUBG KEY follow this link

Now follow the same initial steps download PUBG KEY file

Click on GET LINK and download the 52byte file.

Open that files and copy the PUBG KEY and paste it on the popup.

Now before clicking on FINISH you have to download STEAM from this link

Now open STEAM and now click FINISH and an icon will be displayed on desktop.


Top 10 Best PUBG Mobile Players In The World.

1: Coffin
Country: Turkey

2: Biubiu
Country: Malaysia

3: Soul Mortal
Country: India

4: Izzo
Country: Denmark

5: Athena Gaming
Country: South Korea

6: Levinho
Country: Sweden

7: BTR Zuxxy
Country: Indonesia

8: RRQ D2E
Country: Thailand

9: Talktohand
Country: Germany

10: Panda.

 Country: Sweden


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