Send your location without internet (via SMS)

Send your location without internet (via SMS)
Send your location without internet (via SMS)

People travel in all over the world and discover the new beautiful natural places. To make a get together, and travel in a group, location sharing always plays a vital role to share the location. Sometimes due to internet connection problem or unavailability of strong signals, we cannot share location to over friends, sometimes it could be critical situation, so to rescue, you can use this app to share the location without internet and any internet base location sharing app.

“Lost rescue App”

How this app works:

This one is the must have app, which you should always install in the mobile phone. This app works through your GPS system and analyze your location manually without internet, which you can send to your friends through sms.

This one is the best method to rescue someone and get anyone or send location without internet.

How to download and share location:

Download link of this app mentioned below

Just open the app, then turn of your GPS and it will take three to four minutes to or less, then it will show a pop up to “continue”, by taping at this button, you would be able to share your location via sms.

The other person will open this location in Google maps and your exact location will show on this mobile phone.

How to Apply

Apply online is necessary for every job. if you want to apply than apply here


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