Whatsapp Hidden Data Cleaner

whatsapp hidden data cleaner
whatsapp hidden data cleaner

Whatsapp is the most ever used app by public now a days. It connects the people through chatting, but lot of photos, videos and gif files sent by people to each other. These sent photos and gif files also saved in your mobile memory silently, which does not appear in gallery, and saved in whatsapp sent files info. These junk or hidden files fill your memory up and you will get less memory in mobile phone. The discussed app will help you to clean your mobile memory easily.

“Timely Cleaner App”

What this app do:

This app cleans your sent files to other, which saved in your mobile memory as a sent file in whatsapp internal files.

This app helps you to keep only those files, which you need, other all hidden files from whatsapp internal data files will deleted. You can also set a schedule to clean the memory automatically.

How to download and use:

Download link of this app mentioned below

After installing this app, you can set schedule to clean the memory from it’s settings.

By scanning you mobile phone you will see all the files stored in your mobile phone as a sent files, you can keep or delete it easily.

How to Apply

Apply online is necessary for every job. if you want to apply than apply here


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